Hearty Winter Salad

This salad is less of a recipe and more of a feeling. I am a huge fan of the chopped salad and this one is a hearty and colorful and can be made in advance without fear of wilting.

Ingredients are super flexible, as always, don’t like it or don’t have the exact thing? Leave it out or use something else.

-shredded purple cabbage

-cooked and sliced beets

-thin orange slices, blood oranges would be amazing in here.

-pomegranate seeds

-crumbled feta, if I had blue, I would’ve used that instead

-toasted pine nuts

-pickled onions, I had made them a while back.

-a few pitted and chopped dates

Drizzle with a bit of olive oil and some balsamic vinegar.

The combination of salty, sweet and savory in this salad hits all the right notes.



Nicole Straight

Nicole Straight

Long-time chef cooking for 2 & sometimes 1.